Payment Collection, Electronic Employment Verification, Automated Reporting - Fast & Cost Effective

Conext automates payment collection, Accreditation reports, student attendance tracking, streamlines student and alumni communication, and eliminates dozen repetitive paper-centric tasks your team hates.  

Eliminate paperwork and make Students, Alumni, Employers and Employees much happier. 

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With CareerConext your staff will be able to focus on the things that are really important, your students and graduates. We automate job alerts, move all your employment verification forms to e-signature and with a simple click create the reports your accreditation organizations require! Ninety-three percent of texts are answered within 24 hours. Our smart texting chat bot asks your students about their employment status, where they work and texts them the correct forms for them to sign. Need referrals? Simply build a text campaign to your graduates!

Why Conext?

On Demand Reporting

Reporting that helps your team make realtime decisions. Empty Seat/Marketing Spend Reports, At-Risk Reports, Student & Graduate Outcome Reports and many more.

On Demand Lead Purchasing

Have some drops or classes that are not filled up all the way? Use Perform to request new leads with one click and improve profitability.

Seamless Integration

Perform integrates with your current SIS provider and provide pain free setup in less than a week. We do all the heavy lifting!

Track Outcomes

Perform automatically tracks student and graduate outcomes by integrating with our Bridge and Employ modules. Stay compliant and identify early issues.