Conext Flow

Ever wonder what your workflows would say if they could speak? Would they tell you which of your internal staff members always signs leave of absence forms late?  Would they show you which admissions representative continually starts enrollments that are not likely to attend? 

Conext Flow enables your team so see where every student is on their journey from inquiry to employed graduate. Better yet,  it creates automated processes that nudge students, faculty, staff and employers to complete the processes they need to.  With a few clicks of a button, staff can tell if workflow bottlenecks are internal or external and send global text and email reminders to hundreds of people with a single click. Your internal and external auditors will love the ability to approve complete workflows or individual steps.   

    • Identify Bottlenecks, both internal and external
    • Create Dynamic Workflows that Increase the Chances of Completion
    • Add Checks and Balances Between Departments
    • One Click Reminders to Students, Faculty, Staff and Employers
    • Staff Have Their Own “My Flow” Tool that Displays Only Their Students

Why Conext?


With Bridge, printing and signing forms are a thing of the past! Simply set up a recurring task or choose a person so sent a form to and Bridge does the rest. We email & text multi-party documents for signing. Ninety-four percent of text messages are answered in 24 hours or less!


Since Bridge tracks everything, enrollments, drops, leave of absences and placements etc, reporting is a breeze. Press a button and we generate perfect documents with supporting information for your accreditation agency.


Bridge logs all communication with students, graduates and employers. It automatically logs all the wonderful things your staff does for your students & alumni.


Bridge stands on the shoulders of your current SIS provider and provides pain free setup in less than a week. We do all the heavy lifting!


Once we learn a student or graduate is looking for work they are added to our job alert list! We search a dozen job boards for jobs that match their background and experience and email them, as often as they like.


We love what we do and it shows. We are here to help you every step of the way. Nearly all of our product innovations have come from our customers. Tell us what you hate to do and we will automate it!

Conext In Action