Conext Admit

Keep enrolling, virtually everywhere and all the time! Conext Admit offers bi-directional AI based chat bots who get your inquiries the information they need 24 hours a day.  Admit turns your outbound admissions reps into ultra-responsive school ambassadors.

Admit manages the cadence of your text, email and phone campaigns, enabling you to create inquiry journeys that automatically message them months or years. Admit automatically routes leads to the right reps. You can see how it works as a student right now by clicking here and completing the form. 

    • Automatically distribute leads to reps following your rules
    • Track conversion rates & activities that match your KPIs
    • Create bi-directional drip text & email campaigns that keep inquiries engaged
    • Use Video chat and screen sharing to increase rapport
    • Map lead sources and optimize admissions workflows
    • Automatically move leads into students in your SIS
    • Reduce unanswered phone call attempts 
    • Store, share and forward documents

Why Conext?


With Bridge, printing and signing forms are a thing of the past! Simply set up a recurring task or choose a person so sent a form to and Bridge does the rest. We email & text multi-party documents for signing. Ninety-four percent of text messages are answered in 24 hours or less!


Since Bridge tracks everything, enrollments, drops, leave of absences and placements etc, reporting is a breeze. Press a button and we generate perfect documents with supporting information for your accreditation agency.


Bridge logs all communication with students, graduates and employers. It automatically logs all the wonderful things your staff does for your students & alumni.


Bridge stands on the shoulders of your current SIS provider and provides pain free setup in less than a week. We do all the heavy lifting!


Once we learn a student or graduate is looking for work they are added to our job alert list! We search a dozen job boards for jobs that match their background and experience and email them, as often as they like.


We love what we do and it shows. We are here to help you every step of the way. Nearly all of our product innovations have come from our customers. Tell us what you hate to do and we will automate it!

Conext In Action