Perform & Bridge

Conext Perform and Bridge work in concert to provide actionable business intelligence and streamline communication processes. We make happy students, employed graduates and fulfilled team members.  

Conext Perform:

  • Pinpoints revenue opportunities and determines ideal marketing spend
  • Enrollment trend reporting
  • One click rollup accreditation reporting
  • Provides visual month over month key performance indicators
  • Identifies At-Risk students
  • On-demand lead generation

Conext Bridge: 

  • Seamlessly integrates with your current student information system
  • One click create, send & e-sign SAP, Completion and Placement Reports 
  • Automate employment verification with text and e-signature 
  • Create & manage job alerts for students and graduates from dozens of job boards
  • Online Resume Creation & Distribution
  • Custom Career Websites for your students and graduates 
  • Track & schedule daily career service activities

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Employ – improves gainful employment ratios and tracks student outcomes.   

  • White labeled career website
  • Self-serve job postings for approved employers 
  • On-demand access to resume database of graduates for approved employers
  • Email Alerts containing unemployed graduates automatically sent to registered employers that opt-in
  • Unlimited job postings for approved employers 
  • Unlimited employer logins
  • Unlimited resume storage for your students and graduates
  • Develop new employers and clinical site
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Admit & Enroll

Conext Admit & Enroll work together to automate inquiry to enrollment.

Admit is a full function CRM that integrates with lead sources, manages lead distribution and engages new potential students with bi-directional communication. Enroll automates the onboarding process through the use of its mobile centric student platform and PCI compliant enrollment agreement e-signatures. Students and staff can sign the documents asynchronously or while in the same room. Our instant no-download video chat enables your enrollment staff to build rapport and guide students through the process.

Text based reminders automatically nudge enrolling student to complete tasks from the Registrar, Financial Aid and Admissions.

They can complete the process on any device!

All documents can be automatically uploaded to your student information system.

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