Perform & Bridge

Conext Perform and Bridge work in concert to provide actionable business intelligence and streamline communication processes. We make happy students, employed graduates and fulfilled team members.  

Conext Perform:

  • Pinpoints revenue opportunities and determines ideal marketing spend
  • Enrollment trend reporting
  • One click rollup accreditation reporting
  • Provides visual month over month key performance indicators
  • Identifies At-Risk students
  • On-demand lead generation

Conext Bridge: 

  • Seamlessly integrates with your current student information system
  • One click create, send & e-sign SAP, Completion and Placement Reports 
  • Automate employment verification with text and e-signature 
  • Create & manage job alerts for students and graduates from dozens of job boards
  • Online Resume Creation & Distribution
  • Custom Career Websites for your students and graduates 
  • Track & schedule daily career service activities


Employ – improves gainful employment ratios and tracks student outcomes.   

  • White labeled career website
  • Self-serve job postings for approved employers 
  • On-demand access to resume database of graduates for approved employers
  • Email Alerts containing unemployed graduates automatically sent to registered employers that opt-in
  • Unlimited job postings for approved employers 
  • Unlimited employer logins
  • Unlimited resume storage for your students and graduates
  • Develop new employers and clinical site


Conext Learn provides career centric courses for your students and graduates. 

  • Maximizing LinkedIn  – Suite of 3 in classroom courses with online support.
  • All About the Resume – Suite of 4 in classroom courses with online support including student resume.
  • Building a Career Website – In Classroom course ending with a completed online career website.
  • Longterm Career Management – Suite of 3 in classroom classes with online support.

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