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Conext Perform

Perform provides your leadership team with realtime information that enables them to perform optimally. It turns your student and graduate data into actionable business intelligence.  Perform increases enrollments and improves placement rates.

With one click you can take advantage of the on-demand lead purchasing program to enhance your current acquisition strategy. 

Perform gives you the business intelligence to exceed your goals. 


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Conext Bridge

Bridge streamlines your current manual communication processes. Bridge eliminates the need for wet signatures on all student/graduate forms, thereby reducing student-employee friction and lowering costs.

Utilizing text messaging chat bots and e-signatures, Bridge eliminates countless hours of leaving voice mail messages and chasing employment verification forms. Its CRM functionality tracks student and graduate outcomes, creates recurring job alerts for the unemployed and proactively introduces your graduates to approved employers. 

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Conext Employ

Employ is a revolutionary tool to help you meet your gainful employment ratios. You provide your students with skills to get them hired, Employ makes it easy for employers to include them on their shortlists. 

Approved employers can post jobs, review resumes and invite the candidates they like to apply to their jobs. 

Employ tracks all activity and communicates every step of the way with all stakeholders – graduates, employers and your career services team.