Vertical Drop Down Menu Functions

  1. Me – goes back to the Dashboard you will see when you log in. The Dashboard function tracks your messages and analytics of your page once published


  1. Style – You will be given 3 templates to choose from. The default template you are currently viewing is Template 1. Click through the different options and choose one that you like. You can always go back and change templates, but please note that the layout will change

At the bottom of the Style menu, you will see Font Selector. This allows you to decide the specific font style you prefer for the Titles, Sub-titles and Body text of each section


  1. Build – Will show you all the possible sections that may be visible on your Career Website. If you do not want a certain section to be visible, uncheck the box and that will hide it from the public. Checking the box again will make it visible

You can also rename the sections-if you choose to. To do this, you hover over the section you want to rename and click the drop down arrow



  1. More – Will give you the option to either go to Settings of your CW of completely reset your CW

If you click on Settings, a pop up will appear allowing you to customize and tailor what will appear when people search your name or CW. You may change your URL here as well

  1. Right and Left Arrows  Allow you to undo or repeat an action you have made on your CW


  1. Preview – Clicking Preview will open another tab allowing you to preview your Career Website before publishing, so you can see exactly what it will looks like to your audience


  1. Publish – After clicking Publish, you will get this notification. This will publish your CW, making it viewable to all. Once clicked, you Career Website will be live. If you want to edit anything, or unpublish it, you can click the same button


  1. Help – Clicking Help will bring up the Quick Start Guide you saw in the beginning


  1. FAQ – A pop up will appear when you click FAQ. This pop up will give you a simplified overview on how to edit your CW