C.WS Dashboard

The picture on the right is Career Website dashboard you will see after you login.

C.WS Dashboard will show you the overview of your website

Analytics will show you how many people have viewed your website, how they viewed it, and a traffic report

Messages is where you will receive all messages from people who contacted you through your CW website

Profile will navigate you through the different sections of your CW and the information you need to fill within those sections. Your resume is uploaded under this Profile tab as well. If it isn’t, then click Profile and scroll all the way under the Social Media section. You will see “Upload Resume”. Choose the file to upload and be sure to click “Save”. It is recommended that you save your resume as a PDF so it downloads properly.



You may fill in all the information needed to complete your career website under the Profile tab, or you can work directly on the website itself by clicking Edit Career Site on the top right-hand corner (It’s recommended working directly on the website so you can see every step).