Imagery & Colors

We are now at the fun part. When choosing imagery and colors, keep in mind how you want people to perceive you and if you want the tone of your CW to be casual and friendly, strictly professional, or somewhere in between. Play with colors, background images, images for the different sections, and banner images until you have a look that works for you. The best advice is to play with the variety of colors and imagery we have available until you are happy. Banner images and colors are available on the left for each of the different sections. Click the diagonal arrow for the options.



For Template 1 & 2, the top section where it has your name, as well as the experience section will allow you to choose an image and a background color to layer it with. You can also adjust the visibility of the image.


For Template 3, it is a unique template that shows the background image throughout the whole page. This can be done by clicking the diagonal arrow all the way at the top. Choose an interesting image from the abstract section of available images. You can then use image spaces within the template to make the site pop. Edit the icons for the education section and experience section, making them interesting colors so that, again, the site pops.

For the images that are blank in each section, click directly on it to upload.


You can take your time and play with the different colors, until you think it best represents your style.

After you have finished with the imagery and colors, click “Preview” in the vertical drop down menu to see the final product before you “Publish” it!