Success Stories

Only template 1 has the “Success Stories” Section. If you are not using Template 1, please skip this section. In this section, you want to highlight specific accomplishments. Stick to two “success stories” for aesthetic purposes. You can always add more if you’d like.

Click the “+”, then click Add new. You will see this box to fill in.

Here are some examples of Success Stories!

Developing a Strategic Business Plan – At Stonelaurel Consulting, as the Executive Consultant, I provided system review and strategic planning for Bank of America’s Cash EcoSystem servicing ATM’s, financial centers, and vaults. I documented cash flow processes and procedures to determine cost and risk. Furthermore, I developed strategic roadmaps to meet current and future needs in order to gain funding and program approval.

Improving Processes Successfully – During my time as the Executive Vice President / Chief Information Officer at CommunityOne Bank I managed the technology systems strategy development, project implementation and budget control. I lead the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Crisis Management, and Incident Response Teams. I was successful in reducing the annual spending by $2.4 million by renegotiating contracts, terms and services. In addition, I restructured the technology services, increased efficiency and customer relations.


The finished product will look like the picture below. Add photos for a nice touch. Notice how two success stories fit perfectly in the page!