Next, input your “Skills”. This section appears differently from template to template as well. Template 2 will show the years of experience and the personal ranking along with the skills. The possibilities for the skills section are endless and will vary from industry to industry.

Template 1 will have it listed next to the About Me Section

Template 3 will have it boxed up and listed in its own section


Here are some general examples that can be used:

Project Management

Client Relationships

Process Improvement

Operating Systems

Leadership / Motivation

Coaching / Mentoring

Training / Coaching

Training / Development

Team Leadership

Strategic Planning

Creative Direction

Business Strategy

Project Development

Business Development

Client Satisfaction

Business Analysis

Verbal / Written Communication

Team Building

Workflow Analysis

Business Solutions

Client Needs Assessments

Performance Management

Time Management

Account Management

Reliability / Performance

Research / Development

Strategic Planning & Analysis