Creating Your Career Website

This next section will give great tips and suggestions on creating your Career Website, provided by one of our excellent website designers.

When designing a Career Website, it is advised to start with the information and the content of the site, before you choose the photos and colors. Save the best part for last.

Start with the content and the profile picture, and then choose imagery and color at the end to get a feel for what you want.

When choosing your Profile picture, make sure it is 10 mg or less otherwise it will not upload. NO CAR OR BATHROOM SELFIES PLEASE!!! Let’s keep it professional!

First, choose your template from the Style menu on the vertical bar. Move from top to bottom, viewing all options.


For Template 1 & 2

Both templates will ask you to “Add an eye-catching header”

For the header, put your name. Under that, for “Add a brief description”, put your professional title.






This is what it will look like filled in!





For Template 3

You have a couple more spaces to work with in this top section.

In the first section, your name should already be inputted. In the next available space, add your professional title. For the “eye-catching header” section, add a sentence that sums up what you do that will also grab the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager. For example; “Saving lives and stamping out disease through empathetic and caring patient interactions.” Or “Experienced Clinical Pharmacist with over 20 years of experience keeping patients healthy & happy”. Then in the available space after that, you can go further into detail or add an applicable famous quote (optional).

I will be using Template 2 for the order of this tutorial. The other templates will have the same information, just different order.