Your Digital Footprint and Your Career

Title: Your Digital Footprint and Your Career

Social Media touches each of lives.  It can have a positive or negative impact on your career.  It is important to think before you post!  When you are looking for your next job you need to make sure to control your digital footprint.

  • Facebook – What can an employer see? What can employers legally use to impact their hiring decisions?
  • LinkedIn – Who you are connected to says a lot about you.
  • Twitter, Instagram..  What do they say about you?  How do I change the story?  Can I delete or edit a story?
  • Defending your Online Reputation:
    • Google Yourself – Do you Like what you see?  Can you be found?
    • Google like a Recruiter – search for skills, location and the word resume.  Ex: phlebotomist in San Diego resume  ->  what do you see?
    • Is there negative information?  What can you do?
  • How to create positive career centric content on all social media:
    • Writing Articles & Posts
    • Donating your time to Church or Charity?  Document it with Social Media Pictures and Posts
    • Join the Conversation, Proper Commenting on Industry Specific media

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