LinkedIn – Continual Career Marketing

Title: LinkedIn – Perpetual Career Marketing

To get ahead and stay ahead you need to Aways Be Career Centric (ABCC).  LinkedIn has more than 500 million members, many of whom can help you in your career.  Very few people master the art of “Staying Top of Mind.”  In this class you will learn how to get in front and stay in front of future employers,  recruiters and hiring managers.

You will learn what to write, what to share and how to utilize tools to Stay “Top of Mind”.  why, what, and how to write.  You will learn when and what to share in your groups to be seen as a group contributor.

Chapters Include:

  • Why is it important to ABCC?
  • What is “Top of Mind” and how does it relate to my career?
  • Publishing the best content, sharing the best information and becoming a valuable member of a group.
  • What to write.  What not to write. Your future employer is reading!
  • Promoting your work, It’s ok to brag
  • Becoming a Referral/Connector King or Queen
  • Befriending industry leaders

Course Information

Estimated Time: 4 Days

Difficulty: Advanced


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Course Instructor

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